TOKIT Affiliate Program

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4% - 8% Commission Rate

Earn commission from each order you or your sub-affiliate generates.

$899 AOV

Constantly expanding TOKIT Recipe Library to attract new customers.

30-Day Cookie

All orders made within 30 days of the first click of your Referral URL will be automatically tracked.

Easy To Join

Totally free and easy to sign-up, just fill out your profile and get your unique Referral URL.

Easy To Promote

Grab your Referral URL and select the creative assets you need to start promoting.

Easy To Share

Share your content and your Referral URL with your social followers, website visitors and others.


It's easy and completely free to join, just follow our sign up guide and fill out your information to get started.

You can find your unique Referral URL and picture & video materials on the "Asset" page, if you have other material requirements feel free to send an email to

You can freely share our promotional materials on your website, blog, social media, etc… Don't forget to attach your unique Referral URL to collect commission.

If users click your promotional link and purchase TOKIT within 30 days, this order will be linked to your Referral URL and will allow you to collect commission. After the 30-Day period, they need to click your promotional link to reactivate the Cookie.

We will handle payments every month before 15th, you will get the commission of orders that successfully generated by you and have not been canceled or the products have not been returned within 7 days.  (Be sure to complete your payout method to receive your commission.)

If you invite people to join the TOKIT Ambassador Program with your unique invitation link, you will earn commissions when sales are generated from them while they will receive their full commission earned in addition. (You can find the link on the "Multi Level Marketing" page,and you can also check your team members on this page)

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