TOKIT Official Store Launch Introduction


Dear TOKIT family,

We have come a long way since our Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. We are now celebrating a huge milestone in our journey and our official store is available on Sep.23.

Here we prepare some FAQs about the site and launch for you:


1. What countries and regions are covered on the Launch of the TOKIT official site on 23 Sep?

TOKIT EU/ GL / NA stores are available on 23 Sep. Please check our shipping policy to learn more about the corresponding shipping areas to every store.


2. How can I enter the website?

Please browse our official website at  and you will be redirected to the store of your region. 


3.What content does TOKIT have on the official website?
    • Modules
      • Introduction and shopping of Omni Cook and accessories.
      • Recipe platform Cooknjoy coming soon).
      • TOKIT Ambassador program (coming soon).
      • Official blog (coming soon).
      • Brand gallery about the TOKIT, joyami (a smart and young series for cooking lovers, coming soon) and introduction to our signature technologies.
      • Services: Warranty, Local supporter, After-sale platform(coming soon).
    • Purchase pages
      • Purchase pages of Omni Cook and accessories, here you can find the description, specifications, what’s in the box and FAQ of the products. After looking through all the information, you can click the “add to cart” or “pre-order” button to complete your purchase.
    • Account Center
      • After registering for the TOKIT official website, you can check your account center to check the user information, order status or add and save your address.


    4. How to pre-order on the official website:


    Step 1. Go to the home page: 

    • Choose TOKIT Omni Cook or any purchase pages of accessories.

    Step 2. Go to the purchase page:

    •  Browse the purchase page and add all products you need to cart by "Add to cart" button. Then you are ready to the shopping cart page to check out. 
    • You can also directly choose "Pre-order" and go to the check out page.

    Step 3. Go the the check out page: 

    • If you don't have an account on the TOKIT official site, please register an account to complete the purchase process. 
    • After registration, please fulfill the shipping address and the payment information. 
    • If you have a coupon code, please copy and apply it at the coupon code bar.
    • Please click check out to finalize your payment.
    • Feel free to check the order information at your account center.

    Here are also a bunch of news for you: 

    Cooknjoy - the recipe platform

    TOKIT Growing Recipes Platform, Cooknjoy goes live in November 2021, including thousands of free worldwide dishes. Let’s start exploring the cooking possibilities with Cooknjoy and TOKIT omnicook this winter. 

    News and updates

    For engaging with TOKIT Friend, we will initiate our official blog and update the info from time to time. Topics include updates to the website / products / software, process of production and logistics, latest TOKIT dishes, new product trailers and much more about the TOKIT brand to let the friends who like TOKIT know more about us. 

    After-sales module

    TOKIT supports the 2-years warranty for the main body and sets up the local repair center in Malaysia and Singapore  for better user experience. Here’s to check out the refund policy


    Last Updated on Oct, 25.

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